“We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” -Howard Zinn

Purposeful Agents of Transformation (PATs) are critical in achieving sustainable growth and development. Their purpose should reflect serving the community more than the individual thus with clear indicators of fighting poverty. Their project should be deliberate to serve more than 10 people in a society with a growth ratio of 2 per cent- per annum. These are some of the guiding obligations available to PATs.

Purposeful Agents of Transformation (PATs) status as of January, 2022

With an anticipated multiplier effect in their contribution to community development, PATs should consciously be aware that their role in achieving high growth rate and socio-economic transformation comes through enduring commitment, humility and persistent hard work and prayer.

Patriotic values such as love, devotion and sense of attachment to our country are some of the significant common denominators PATs are enriched with especially in achieving self sustainability and in serving fellow human beings.

January 2022 fact sheet indicates total numbers of 200 PATs are beneficiaries of various services offered by Purpose Rwanda.  One thing to note in the fact sheet is, 114 of the PATs are former addiction patients many of whom have talents in various fields including poetry which was witnessed by some few citizens during Purpose Rwanda press conference on 28th January held at Lemigo Hotel.

Building a Purposeful, Positive and Addiction Free Generation and its attendant output goes hand in hand with sustainable transformation of PATs especially those who have recovered from addictions and ensuring their role in fighting addictions in families and communities.


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