“Life’s Most and Persistent Urgent Question is, What are you Doing for Others?” —Martin Luther King Jr-

From generation to generation, issues that affect the society keep on changing and so do the means of addressing the emerging issues. The contemporary society aspires for improved life conditions and this is achieved through deliberate efforts put in place by individuals, families, communities and governments across the globe.

Contemporary challenges such as poverty, poor health or addictions, illiteracy, conflicts, famine among others need to be met and tackled with the necessary force that can be afforded. Preparedness, support and guidance constitute crucial elements that Purposeful Agents of Transformation (PATs) need to have in order to harness the available opportunities  to transform families and communities as indispensable pillar to sustainable development and therefore, national development.

Purpose Rwanda services such as purpose development, training, networking and offering visibility opportunities to Purposeful Agents of Transformation help in empowering the youth to participate in self-sustainability and socio-economic transformation in communities they live in as underscored in Purposeful Agents of Transformation Fact Sheet of September, 2021.

Purposeful Agents of Transformation are not created, they are made: they are made not only out of those who have not faced addiction problems in their lives, but those who have accepted to recover from addiction(s) and are made to become one. This is how the number of quality labour force in families and communities are transformed and increased, leading to creativity and innovation,  reduction in unemployment problems, ensuring healthy and productive population, ensuring peace at every level, and fostering effective  participation in development: This is how poverty is eradicated which is a universal enemy in the contemporary Africa.

The core focus here is one: to Build a Purposeful, Positive and Addiction Free Generation