It is scientifically proven that after 65 days of sobriety from any addiction or habit, there is a huge likelihood of beating the addiction.

This is a scientific and psychological approach that helps any person battling with an addiction to start a journey of recovery taking one day at a time. By the time 65 days are done, one’s body will have rebooted to normality and one can easily manage their life and take sound decisions.

The 65 days rule doesn’t only concern those battling addictions, but also anyone that seeks to do something life transforming but find it difficult or have been procrastinating. The 65 days rhythm engages them to start working on that project, initiative or dream, day by day. The consistence of 65 days will build an unbreakable culture of continuity.

We will end the 65 days of sobriety on 31st July with a CITY BIKE RIDE in celebration of those that are sober, recovering and standing in solidarity with those that are struggling with mental health issues related to addictions.




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